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How & Where & FAQs


The how: Getting your coaching started

1. Please send me an e-mail with a description of your issue and  first questions should you have any. I will normally get back to you within 24 hours.

2. In a free preliminary conversation of about 15 – 30 minutes, we will discuss what you are looking for in a coaching and I will be happy to give you helpful initial feedback. This can take place over the phone or online – whatever works best for you.

3. Normally your coaching can start the same week. Appointments are possible worldwide -online, by phone or email. In person also in Munich or Murnau, Bavaria. If you are looking at an intensive coaching for a weekend or a holiday, I will be happy to arrange accommodation for you if necessary.

4. After the first appointment we will decide on how to continue depending on your issues and requirements. You can interrupt or end your coaching at any point in time.

The where

Appointments are possible worldwide online, by phone or by email.

In person also in Munich and Murnau. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


- You can normally start within a week
- Flexible appointments - evenings and weekends are also possible
- You can interrupt or end your coaching at any time

I am a convinced generalist rather than a specialist and bring along extensive life and coaching experience in both professional and private life areas.

Your benefits:
- I will discover connections and correlations which remain hidden to a specialist.
- Many of my clients come with a professional topic first and then look at issues in their private lives. Sometimes this can happen months later. The good thing is that we don't have to start from scratch again.
The first appointment with me always takes 90 minutes, as it requires time to get a good idea about relevant details of your current situation. I prefer 90-minute appointments in general because it is important for me not to rush clients. It usually takes some time for them to switch from the hectic rush of their everyday life to the slower pace of reflection in our coaching sessions.

Depending on the issue, shorter appointments may also work. In principle I am flexible provided you feel comfortable with the time frame of your choice.
The duration of a coaching is as diverse as the issues my clients bring along. Some only require one single appointment, others come from time to time when their life has a new challenge in store for them. Yet others want to resolve an issue for good and come over a period of more than one year.

The good thing about a coaching with me is that you can interrupt or end your coaching at any time. This is important to me, because I believe that coaching should be voluntary and fit your needs.
This depends on your issue and I will be happy to let you know what to expect exactly during our free of charge preliminary conversation once I know a little more. I will also let you have details on invoicing and possibilities of payment.

Regardless of your issue though you do not enter into any contractual obligation with me as you can interrupt or end your coaching at any time. I would like for my clients to be free in their decision as to long their coaching lasts. If you live in Germany you may want to know that you can tax-deduct professional coaching in Germany.
Both want to help humans master challenges in their current lives. Put simply, coaching helps healthy people and therapy helps people who have been diagnosed by textbook medicine. The boundaries are fluid, however, which is why it was important for me to obtain both qualifications.

Coaching usually deals with current issues in the lives of my clients which can be resolved in a couple of sessions. If you wish and where this is helpful I can also work with you therapeutically as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. But that is for you as the client to decide. Sometimes clients come to me for coaching after therapy elsewhere because they actively want to take the next step to reshaping their lives.

I will be happy to answer questions you may still have in my free preliminary conversation with you.

Everything starts with a conversation. Find solutions for your professional and/or private challenges. The preliminary conversation is free of charge and after that you can end your coaching whenever you like. Get in touch today:



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