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Welcome to my Blog


I’ve created videos on various life topics for you to enjoy. Hope you like them.

Life Coaching for you: What’s your new normal?

An incredible year is coming to an end. Time for all of us to look at where we stand and at what lies ahead. Do we really just want our old lives back or is it time to look at the opportunities and improvements a new normal can bring for ourselves but also for the world? Some ideas to help you create your own mixture of old and new.

Life Coaching for you: Corona & Change

It’s been a while since I wished you all good fortune for the new decade. Since then Corona has changed all of our lives massively and kept me busy also as an online coach. To me how proactively we are

Life Coaching for you: When is Fortune Good?

A new decade has begun and I sincerely hope it will bring you happiness and good fortune J But what exactly is good fortune? I’ve put together some ideas and insights for you here.

Life Coaching for you: How you got to feel a failure

Are you the black sheep of your family and do you feel that for some strange reason you have failed to turn your life into a success? Find some explanations here. I’m looking forward to your comments.

Life Coaching for you: How to stop procrastinating

You’re an expert to finding excuses why you’re not getting things done? Congratulations that can be an art in itself. But if some of those to dos simply won’t disappear or keep on coming back here are some alternatives for

Life Coaching for you: Good Goodbyes

Ending relationships can be a difficult thing to do – this video wants to give you ideas on how to get to Good Goodbyes. I’m looking forward to your comments. Some of the topics I’ll be dealing with in my

Life Coaching for you: Burnout and finding yourself

Burnout is a major crisis if and when it happens but it can also show us a way out of a life which is not good for us. I’m looking forward to your comments.

Life Coaching for you: Make peace not war

I’m sure you’ve had moments where you realised communication can go wrong and escalate into a major conflict in no time at all. Here are some tips on how to de-escalate and prevent conflicts from happening.

Life Coaching for you: Family – Heaven or Hell?

Family matters like it or not and relationships with other family members are not always what we want them to be. Here are some perceptions on the more difficult moments be it as a son or daughter.

Life Coaching for You: Why not to be Perfect

Did you grow up with “Good better best” Here’s why best does not have to be the best for you. And why you may end up never being perfect even if you want to.

Life Coaching for You: Death Makes Life Look Good

Coping with your own mortality and with the grief of losing beloved ones is one of the biggest challenges we all face at some point. Here I would like to share some hopefully helpful thoughts.

Life Coaching for You: Let’s go Shadow Hunting

Come and take a look at how shadows and unwanted emotions like fear and anger with me and enjoy the song “Shadow hunting” If you like the song you can buy it in all of the big stores.

Welcome to my blog and videos on my YouTube channel

Life Coaching and Music brought together in a video revealing some of the keys to and for your life and a song to go with it “My Golden Key”.  If you like the song you can buy it in all