Open yourself to a new quality of life and find out where you belong

Happiness happens when you are where you feel you belong and enjoy what you are doing. This is true for both private as well as professional life. However sometimes priorities get confused, roles are unclear, new challenges step into your life or people or things you love have been torn away. This is when it can make sense to look for professional assistance.

I offer coaching and counselling both for private persons (Lebensschau) as well as for self-employed or entrepreneurs (Betriebsschau). I value and respect the trust of my clients in doing so – it is their life and consequently their decision as to what topics they want to discuss and what topics possibly not.

In the following sections you can find out how professional coaching can create a major positive impact on the quality of your life.


Together and with a clear picture in mind let us find a route which will help you reach your goals


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