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Stress at work: Putting an end to the daily struggle

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Your situation:
At work you keep everything together, but somehow nobody seems to notice this? You make sure deadlines are met, even if that means overtime for you again, but everybody seems to take this for granted? You never let others down, but have nobody you can rely on helping you when papers pile?

It's understandable you are frustrated but there is a way out of this – I promise. First, I will help you understand why this is happening and then we will improve your situation and position within your company. Time and again I have experienced how small but targeted steps can lead to major positive changes fast.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here

Your situation:
Do you feel you are unable to relax after work? Do minor issues sometimes make you overreact towards colleagues and you don't really know why? Your head doesn’t stop revolving around work and sometimes this prevents sleep at night?

It would be a great thing if we were taught on how to deal with stress at school. This would help us cope better at home but also at work. If we recognized the symptons early on and were able to make sure that our work life balance is in order a lot of health and relationship issues could be avoided. I will be happy to identify your personal stress issues with you and help you find and implement a good balance for your life.

Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here

Your situation:
You find it difficult to respect your boss because he does not go about his job in a good and professional way? You have tried talking to him but he is not willing to listen? Your boss never seems to be satisfied with you and your work although you are giving it your best? You are criticized regularly and sometimes even put down in front of others? You feel angry and helpless and want to put an end to this situation?

An obvious solution would be to find another boss, but there may be good reasons why you want to and maybe even should stay. For example, if this isn't the first boss you are experiencing this type of difficulties with. Let's look for the reasons together and put an end to your problems.

Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here

Your situation:
Are you a target of direct or indirect intrigues at work? Do your colleagues give you strange looks and whisper behind your back? Do you feel humiliated and powerless in the face of physical or psychological abuse by colleagues or superiors?

First let me clearly state: Mobbing is an absoute no go and there are laws to protect you. However, it still takes a lot of courage and energy to put an end to mobbing. As a trained IHK business mediator and managing director with extensive life experience in professional conflicts of all kinds, I am happy to support you in successfully defending yourself.

Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here

Your situation:
Do you have to drag yourself to work every day and feel you have to work against yourself to get there? Do you feel exhausted and weary as a result? Have you been doing overtime far too long and come to feel that you will never be able to finish your work? Or do you have the feeling that you are accomplishing your work a lot faster than your colleagues but need to hide this so as not to attract negative attention?

Our brain feels good when it is neither over- nor underchallenged. If either one happens over a longer period of time this can have serious consequences for our health. Burnout, which can be described as an extreme exhaustion as a result of working too hard, has been well researched and is therefore known to most of us. Boreout as its counterpart arises when an employee has been underchallenged for a long time and feels he is not making use of his full potential. The symptoms are similar and both ultimately lead to massive stress and pressure resulting in complete exhaustion and lack of energy. As a coach with a background in psychology and additional training in behavioural therapy, I can help you find your way out.

Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here

Unable to find your topic? Then please write me an email and I will be happy to get back to you with a first response free of charge.

About me

As an employee, I noticed early on how much people suffer from a lack of recognition and appreciation and how this can lead to internal resignation. How long-term external or self-induced demands can cause psychological stress and psychosomatic health issues, which add physical pain to the mental suffering.

With my training in mediation, negotiations and communication, I bring new perspectives to existing conflicts and help resolve them.

When it comes to putting an end to harmful beliefs I make use of my psychological knowledge, which includes training in behavioral therapy. Depending on the client and his needs I also incorporate my training in crisis management as well as my know how about relaxation techniques and mindfulness.

You can find more information about me and my training here.

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Everything starts with a conversation. Put an end to your stress with my support. The preliminary conversation is free of charge and after that you can end your coaching whenever you like. Get in touch today:

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