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I have the feeling something is blocking me:
Psychological stress from the likes of perfectionism, procrastination, burn-/bore-out and high sensitivity

Sometimes we feel that we are standing in the way of our own happiness and this puts us under a lot of psychological stress. After a while our body can show symptoms such as head or stomach aches, high blood pressure or insomnia. To make things worse we may feel we have failed to live the life we should be living and as a consequence our self-worth may suffer.

At some point we may give up thinking that there is no way out but the negative feelings remain and we continue to suffer. Below I have listed a couple of typical situations but there are many more. Often problematic old beliefs are in the way of our goals. The good news is we can actually change them when we are ready to. And perceiving how much a life can change for the positive when this happens is always a joy for me as a coach.

What can I do for you?

Typical statements from clients – sound familiar?
I feel sad; I ponder and brood a lot; I am unable to find a solution to my problem; I feel tired and exhausted and find myself withdrawing from the people around me even though I love them; to dos are piling up but I feel unable to tackle them and feel increasingly anxious.

In every life there are challenging phases where we get stuck and which can make us feel helpless. Phases, where our old strategies won’t work no matter how much we try. It makes sense to look for new ideas and coping strategies from the outside when this happens. I see myself as guide who is happy to analyse your present situation with you and help you develop new strategies so that you are free to move on.

Let’s discover new ways to
new energy, peace of mind, hope and new solutions.
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Typical statements from clients – sound familiar?
I am peace loving person so i don't understand why I lose it completely sometimes. Afterwards I regret having lost control and feel guilty. I am afraid to hurt and lose people I love through my behaviour.

You are likely to have difficulties in expressing your needs. Even when you do you often feel that you are not taken seriously by people around you. Now is a good time to change this and I am happy to help and show you new ways by working on your current situations and challenges.

Let’s discover good new ways to
more clarity; a new peace of mind; to react in an appropriate manner without bending over; discover the joy of staying calm instead of losing control.
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Typical statements from clients – sound familiar?
I do have a goal but for reasons I do not really understand I am not reaching it; my thoughts are going around in circles and I am constantly postponing important decisions and actions. This leads to discontent and I have come to feel a failure.

There can be different reasons why we end up not doing what we know we should. I am looking forward to unravelling them with you and then removing the obstacles in your way. Step by step we will plan and pave the road to you goals.

Let’s discover good new ways to
finally get started; make your goals come true; make good use of the resources you have; not to feel lazy and a failure anymore.
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Typical statements from clients – sound familiar?
My inner critic is constantly pressing me on; even if others praise me I am not happy with the results; I always think there is something which still needs improving; mistakes are a major problem because they make me feel really bad.

Whether at home or at work: wanting to be perfect can be a major and exhausting obstacle. I am happy to search for the reasons with you and to help you get rid of them for good.

Let’s discover good new ways to
treat yourself and others with more tolerance; calm down your inner critic; perceive what you have achieved rather than focusing on what is still missing; finally experience the wonderful feeling of finally having brought something to a good end.
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Typical statements from clients – sound familiar?
The outside world feels more demanding for me than others; noises distract and exhaust me more than others; I would love to have a shield to protect myself, people often tell me that I am too thin-skinned and touchy but also much more empathic than other people.

Even if being a “highly sensitive person” is not an official diagnosis there are a lot of people who feel they are more sensitive than others and identify with the description. I am happy to show you ways to effectively improve your everyday life and reduce your stress if you are suffering from the consequences.

Let’s discover good new ways to
identify your stress triggers and eliminate them; take good care of yourself without feeling bad about doing so; perceive and acknowledge the positive aspects of your disposition and put them to good use.
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Unable to find your topic? Then please write me an email and I will be happy to get back to you with a first response free of charge.

About me

When I first started my training as a coach I soon realised that the line between coaching and therapy can sometimes be blurred. And I decided to add a couple of years studying psychology and passing a state test so as to be more because I wanted to help clients with deeper issues where a knowledge of coaching alone would not suffice.

The same motivation and my innate curiosity lead me on to add training in behavioural therapy, crisis management but also to learn about relaxation methods. All of this enables me to look at issues from various perspectives and find solutions together with my clients by choosing from a vast collection of valuable tools.

To me every human being is different and right just the way he is. I consider it my job to help my clients find their own solutions rather than imposing the same seemingly “perfect” tool on all of them regardless of their situation and background.

You can find further information about me and my background here.


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