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Entrepreneurship: Successful self-employment

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Would you like to be self-employed? But are not sure in what area yet? Uncertain about what it takes and if you bring along the right skill set? Are fears to end up penniless keeping you from getting started? But the desire to found your own business keeps on popping up and you feel torn and frustrated?

I started my own business when I was 29 and never regretted it. Although I had studied business administration and worked as a corporate banker afterwards I still knew I had lots to learn though. As an entrepreneur you are often confronted with unforeseeable challenges requiring good nerves and a lot of energy, creativity and the ability to find fast solutions for small and larger problems. Take the time to find out whether you were cut out for this life.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
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You have a great idea for you own business but realise you need to plan carefully because of financial issues? It is often not possible to switch from employment to self-employed from one day to the next. Often it is necessary to plan a transition period which can sometimes stretch over a period of several years. In some cases being self-employed and continuing to work in a part-time job can also be a good solution.

As a corporate banker at Deutsche Bank, I learned that it usually takes three to five years before an entrepreneur can actually earn enough money to make a living. My own experience confirms this and it is important to have a financial buffer to carry you and your family through this period.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
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You find communication in challenge situations stressful? You want to master the art of successful negotiations? Be it with customers, suppliers or employees - as a self-employed person, negotiating successfully can make all the difference between success and failure. It is not a skill all of us are born with unfortunately but it can be learned.

Benefit from my decades of experience with negotiations of all kinds in German and English. I can help you prepare for challenging situations ahead and build up the skills you require for a successful future. Creating win-win-situations where possible is a passion of mine which i was fortunate learn lots about attending the Harvard Master Negotiation Class in Harvard.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
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Are you working around the clock, don't have weekends anymore and have forgotten when you last went on a vacation? Does your family hardly get to see you and your partnership has become difficult as a result? Have free time and hobbies become but a vague memory?

Working long hours is usually unavoidable when first starting a business. If you don’t find ways to change this at some point however, you will run into problems in your private life and put your health at risk. Let's take a look at your work-life balance together and make adjustments where necessary. In addition to my almost 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, I also bring along skills as a relaxation therapist and knowledge on mindfulness and other helpful techniques to put mind and body to rest.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
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You want to be better equipped for change from the outside and inside? You would like professional help with the current business challenge? Being able to cope with unforeseeable situations is a skill any entrepreneur needs to be willing to learn. The challenges will make you find out a lot about yourself as a person but also about how you deal with extremely stressful situations as the sea can get quite stormy sometimes and you may need to figure out new solutions fast in order for you business to survive.

As a sparring partner with almost 30 years of experience in self-employment, I am at your disposal with my extensive knowledge and creativity in the search for solutions. I have built up but also downsized companies successfully.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here

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About me

My decision to set up my own business over 20 years ago was preceded by several months of looking at the pros and cons. I still remember well exactly how much courage it took to decide against a secure career at the bank and in favor of insecure self-employment. My decision was followed by thorough preparation with the creation of a business plan, the application for a start-up loan and many other items. Many years of building up a successful business followed, at first without and later on with children.

A lot of it was learning by doing where I would have loved to have somebody help me prepare for difficult negotiations which I had to master with companies of all sizes up to multinational corporations. And sometimes life brought along additional challenges which required spontaneous and sometimes extensive adjustments. The ability to stay calm myself but also to calm down others including my employees as well as keeping an eye on my own work-life balance turned out to be great skills which I acquired in the course of time. My degree in business administration from the renowned Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich as well as my work experience as a corporate banker for Deutsche Bank gave me a good foundation to start from. My own work-life balance has benefited from my training as a relaxation therapist but also from my knowledge as a family counselor and business mediator.

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Everything starts with a conversation. With my support you will find the right solutions for your self-employed activity. The preliminary conversation is free of charge and after that you can end your coaching whenever you like. Get in touch today:

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