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Application coaching:
Making my next interview a positive experience

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Your situation:
I feel nervous and have a lot of questions regarding an upcoming interview: What questions should I expect? Who is participating? How do I convince from the start? What should I wear? What should I bring along to the interview?

As an employer with over 20 years of experience, I can prepare you for your interview with lots of practical tips and helpful phrases. I will help you identify your weak points in advance and work on finding solutions to possible problems. As a result you will be able to go to your interview well prepared and with a good and confident feeling.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
Your situation:
This happens more often than you think – it’s rare that somebody fits an ad 100% so you shouldn’t worry too much. But you do have to be able to explain discrepancies and gaps in a good and convincing way. What to say and how to explain depends on your profile and the job you are applying for but I will be happy to develop convincing arguments with you. We will also use role plays so that you can practice and enter your interview confident and well prepared.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
Your situation:
Are you wondering if there are special questions you should prepare for? It’s true there actually is a hit list of popular questions interviewers like to use. Having said that there are also interviewers who prefer completely different questions. No matter what you are asked however, the goal of an interview is always the same: Your future employer wants somebody who fits the job and comes across convincingly.

On this basis, we will determine which questions you have to reckon with and develop good answers. We will also practise them in role plays. With excellent answers to questions about your weaknesses, your salary, your career expectations and further questions you want to be prepared for, you will be well armed for your interview.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
Your situation:
If you are applying for a job in Germany this may happen and be quite stressful if you are not a native speaker of German. With appropriate preparation you will find yourself having good answers to typical questions however. We will also look at relevant socializing situations to make you feel more at ease.

With over 20 years of conducting interviews in German and English and having been lucky to grow up bilingual I know how challenging it can be for candidates to switch from one language to the other and can help you feel more comfortable with this challenging interview situation.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
Your situation:
Are you asking yourself whether it is possible to score points after the interview? You would like to know what to do if you don't hear anymore? What if you need to prepare for a second interview? Do you need professional help in understanding the contract? What if you need to negotiate?

After the interview, it helps to keep a cool head and good nerves. This can be a lot easier with appropriate preparation and support. With my experience as an employer, I can explain delays and delicate situations to you and give you valuable tips and insights on how to deal with them.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here

Unable to find your topic? Then please write me an email and I will be happy to get back to you with a first response free of charge.

About me

I started out working as a student consciously picking jobs in various industries so as to gain hands on experience. After graduating, I applied for a trainee programme at Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt. I passed the assessment centre, which I found to be tough but fair, as one of 12 out of several 1000 applicants across Germany. After the trainee programme, I was happy to reach my goal of working as a corporate banking officer right away.

Two years of looking after corporate clients from a wide variety of industries made me want to start a business of my own. Therefore, I decided to combine my linguistic and business skills and founded a business language school which I have been happy to run for over 20 years.

As an employer I have since conducted hundreds of interviews – in both German and English and enjoy passing on my vast practical knowledge.

You can find more information about me and my training here.


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Everything starts with a conversation. Go into your next interview well prepared and confident. The preliminary conversation is free of charge and after that you can end your coaching whenever you like. Get in touch today:

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