Work-Life-Balance or Work-in-Life- Balance

Whether your executive chair is located behind your freelancer desk at home or in your company: You are expected to make a lot of good decisions under massive time pressure. However, much as you may regret it your day has no more than 24 hours. Terms such as work-life-balance and burnout have become omnipresent but ideally working and living should not be looked upon as opposites with one always happening at the cost of the other.

Instead work should be a fulfilling part of your life. I can help you make sure it is in tune with your personality and your individual needs.

You should consider coaching if you

wake up every morning stressed knowing you have a marathon list of todos waiting for you 

have repeatedly failed to meet your deadlines and are losing sight of your priorities

often catch yourself pushing off important tasks and feel increasingly unhappy and exhausted

sleep poorly with far too many thoughts running around in your head making you agitated and restless.

Together we will examine your current rat race in detail and find ways to end it. Why that is so difficult to do on your own? Because we often add to the weight we carry unknowingly over the years. And it doesn't help that today’s world wants us to believe that making the most of every single minute of our time will ensure happiness and fulfilment.

In doing so we often end up being out of touch with ourselves, our needs and our feelings. My aim is to  show you ways to take charge of your life and yourself again.

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