My music: Keys-2n4-Life

New beginnings and saying good-bye are part of every life. But change is often difficult for us and causes anxiety. This is a song of encouragement dedicated to all of those who are stuck in the middle of a transformation process.

Achieving and accomplishing a lot can be very rewarding.  But it can also turn out to be stressful and even harmful. Demands have increased in the last years  for many of us and the term “burnout” has become a sadly popular word. This song describes what can happen if you ignore the signs but it also gives you the key to finding your way back.

A very good friend of mine who is also a language lover passed on this wonderful saying to me. Realising that better times will follow can help in your darkest moments. 

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my heartfelt and BIG THANKS to all the wonderful people who helped me on my musical path and who were and are an important part of my life.

You will find all of the above songs as well as many more on the major online stores under "Keys-2n4-Life". On my blog you can watch my You Tube videos about the big challenges to life. Each of them comes with an individual song so do watch and have fun. And last but not least here is the link to a intercultural musical project of mine: SriDanOle - enjoy 🙂



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