Lebensschau: Life coaching with a panorama view

If you were to ask me what the greatest possible adventure is, my answer would be: LIFE itself. Nothing else is as colourful  and as capable of writing incredible stories. And life has a habit of coming up with tests and trials which are hard to cope with for all of us once in a while.

You should consider life coaching if

 you need to make an important decision and require more clarity 

 you feel out of touch with yourself and don’t really know what is wrong

 you always seem to be the person giving in when dealing with others

 your life is a mess and doesn’t really make sense any more

 you need a neutral person to talk to about your thoughts and worries.


With my experience as a coach and as a life counselor, I can help you deal with a variety of personal challenges:

  • In times of change where you a looking for a new path to take
  • As a couple during periods where you would like an experienced mediator to help you find good solutions
  • Dealing with problems at your workplace or helping you find a new job which is right for you
  • Finding your Work-in-Life Balance: you have only one life to live and you should be left with enough time to enjoy it.
  • Letting go of the past so that you are free to live your life.

Ready to take the first step?
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