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Job coaching: Achieving a successful career

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Are you ready for the next step on the corporate ladder? Are you looking for career advice which helps you shape your individual career path successfully? Are you an expat wanting to make a career in Germany? Would you like to find out more about your possibilities and get honest feedback from a professional?

As a long-term employer, but also as an experienced coach who has actively helped design careers at all management levels, I am happy to assist you. Your professional success is an individual matter and depends on you but also on the framework and the people currently surrounding you. Together we will take a good look at your present environment including relevant intercultural factors and develop your personal success strategy.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
Your situation:
Are you an expert in your field ready to make the next career step but the promotion you are expecting is simply not happening? Are you giving it your best, overperforming and yet colleagues keep pulling past you leaving you frustrated? Are you considering resigning or have even done so but have ended up waiting for your next promotion in vain again?

At school, the impression is often given that top grades will guarantee professional success. However, there are other factors just as important for a successful career. Depending on whether you work for a large or a small company, who you work with, what kind of a boss you have, the steps to success can be completely different. None of this is taught at school unfortunately but the knowledge required can be learned later on and I look forward to supporting you.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
Your situation:
Congratulations, you have been promoted and will actually be leading a team in the future! But you are not sure what this means exactly. In what way will this change your job and what do you need to know to succeed? How to delegate in a good way? And do you have to treat your colleagues in a different way if you are now their manager?

Step number one will be getting to know the people you will be leading better so that you can make good decisions on who to delegate which task to for instance. Knowing the basics off leadership also helps. Of course your own personality also plays a decisive role in shaping your leadership role. Discover the exciting dimensions of leadership with me and develop your own leadership style.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
Your situation:
As a manager, you will be having challenging conversations on a regular basis. Typical topics are negotiations on working hours or salaries, as well as interviews or dismissals. We will prepare challenging conversations taking into account your specific environment. With over 20 years of experience as a general manager in dealing with difficulties conversations of all sorts. I will be sure to give you valuable insights and ideas. I consider the fact that I never got taken to labour court despite various challenging situations as proof of my communication skills. And it was always important for me to bear in mind that i had human beings sitting in front of me.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here
Your situation:
In my opinion, the sandwich position in middle management is one of the most difficult ones, because it comes with a multitude of challenges. It may take a while to fully realise this and if you do not take counteract early enough your risk being crushed between the fronts with burnout being a worst case.

Although most stress factors as a middle manager happened on the outside it helps to look at how you deal with stress on the inside. As a team or department manager, clarifying your own limits and being sure to communicating them clearly is only one important building block. Let’s look at where you stand at the moment and improve your situation both inside and out.
Everything starts with a conversation. You can reach me here

Unable to find your topic? Then please write me an email and I will be happy to get back to you with a first response free of charge.

About me

After studying business administration in Munich, I entered the world of work as a corporate banking officer at Deutsche Bank – a young employee with career aspirations. Two years later I founded my own company and as a managing director with over 20 years of professional experience, I have since planned and accompanied numerous careers.

As a long-standing provider of language training for companies of all sizes up to multinational corporations such as Microsoft, BMW, Allianz, I also received insights into national and international careers of numerous employees from all over the world. I came to realise, that when it comes to a promotion, it’s not just professional competence that counts. That there are often hidden rules which need to be uncovered and understood.

In this sense a company is a living system subject to changes which you need to spot and react upon if you want your career to be successful.

You can find more information about me and my training here.


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Everything starts with a conversation. Let me help you achieve your career goals. The preliminary conversation is free of charge and after that you can end your coaching whenever you like. Get in touch today:

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