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Finding a job: Is there a dream job which fits me?

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You would like to change jobs and are looking for professional support? You want to figure out what options you have? You know what you don’t want anymore but are not that sure about what you want exactly and where to find it?

As an employer with more than 20 years of experience in interviewing people for jobs I know all about the dos and don’ts of applications. I also had the good fortune to do business with job holders at all levels in a lot of different industries giving me detailed insights on various job profiles. I am looking forward to clarifying your job goals with you and help you reach them.

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Your situation:
Congratulations: You have successfully accomplished an exam you have worked hard for. Now you are ready for the next step but don’t really know your direction yet? At the same time the pressure to finally find your next goal is rising? Maybe you are unsure whether you should be looking for a job or adding another qualification to your skill set first? You are looking for professional career guidance?

Finding the right profession has become more challenging because the number of training courses and degrees has multiplied in the past years with lots of new professions emerging unheard of just 10 years ago. Finding your path in the midst of all these possibilities can be confusing. As an experienced employer I will help you identify your strengths but also your weaknesses and clarify your views on topics such as work-life-balance, income and career. Should you wish for me to do so I will be happy to help you with your application process once the goal is clear.

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Your situation:
With the multitude of possibilities available today it is no surprise that a lot of people end up realising that their first profession does not really fit them. The ensuing search for the right job can turn out to be very challenging though. And the pressure to find it is often quite high.

The search for your new job starts with you. We will analyse your previous professional career and elicit what worked for you and what did not. Also, we will identify your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as your expectations. And once we have narrowed down the number of options we will look at the pros and cons in detail. In doing so we will increase your chances of making a good decision.

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Your situation:
You are ready to return to the working world after a baby break? You want to figure out a good way without having your family suffer under the consequences? Or you are looking for a new professional solution because you have come to realise the present job model is not working? Being a working mum is often a major challenge which can become quite exhausting over the years. Mastering it professionally starts with gaining clarity on what is feasible within your individual set up and making changes where necessary.

As a working mum of two lovely daughters I spent years looking for and finding various childcare solutions. I was involved in the creation of two day-care centres and learned a lot about different options for families. I was also responsible for creating and accompanying good solutions for my own employees on various occasions.

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Your situation:
Many of us come across our first jobs by chance - be it that our family recommended them or that friends offered us a good first opportunity. It is therefore not unusual that we end up realising at some point that we want to be doing something completely different with our lives. Often this realisation is accompanied by fears and the question of whether it is actually a good idea to pursue the idea of a dream job, especially if we have to meet financial obligations.

With me you can pursue these questions at your own pace. I have followed three different career paths in my life and have also been fortunate to gain deep professional insights into various industries. I know professional life both as an employee and as a self-employed person and am therefore familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of both models. And I know all about the rewards of having a job you really enjoy.

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Unable to find your topic? Then please write me an email and I will be happy to get back to you with a first response free of charge.

About me

I consider myself lucky to have made new career choices more than once in my search for a fulfilling job. After studying business administration I aimed at a career as a corporate banking officer. After two years, however, I realised that this job would not fulfill me in the long term, part of the reason being that the framework was too rigid for me. The professional world of entrepreneurs that I worked with seemed a lot more exciting and self-determined. So I started to think about what kind of a company I could found to become an entrepreneur myself. Having grown up trilingual, I combined languages ​​with business administration and founded a business language school. This school still exists today and has successfully carried out training courses for corporations such as Allianz, BMW and Microsoft.

After more than 20 years parts of the corporate world changed in a way I increasingly disliked, however. At the same time, it was a good point in my life to think about what else I could be doing. And I soon found out that my next career aspiration was to be a coach of people. Once the goal was clear, I set about getting the right training. In addition to the training as a coach, it was important to me to build up the psychological know how necessary to correctly assess situations and to be able to successfully resolve underlying issues if and when necessary.

You can find further information about me and my background here.


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