Communication problems – dealing with conflicts

Communication problems can lead to a major crisis for companies small and large. Upon analysing the situation it often becomes clear that a misunderstanding between sender and receiver has occured: the message sent by the sender with his views of the world has been received in a different way than intended by the receiver who brings along a different perception of the world as well as possibly a different set of values.

That may sound banal but actually according to current communication theory only 10% of our communication happens consciously whilst 90% happens subconsciously. It is therefore not surprising that true treasures can be discovered upon looking at working relationships within a company. Trying to do so on your own can be difficult though especially if you are part of the system and emotionally involved.

I can help you answer key questions which can help you develop your own leadership and conflict solving strategies:

 Do you feel comfortable delegating or are you the do-it-yourself-type?

 Are you a risk-taker or do you prefer being on the safe side?

 Is harmony important to you or do you enjoy a good fight here and there?

As a business mediator with lots of experience in the fields of communication, NLP and psychology I look forward to going on a treasure hunt with you. Be it to assist in preparing for challenging situations, to avoid breakdowns in communication or to help undo conflicts which have gotten out of hand.

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