Betriebsschau: New ideas for self-employed and entrepreneurs

Are you self-employed or do you run a company?

If so you know what it feels like to perform the balancing act between the pros and cons of your daily work life. Staying in touch with your own needs is difficult but vital – for both your professional and private quality of life.


Self-employment is like a house with many rooms.

Together we can turn on all the lights and place a sturdy roof above all of the aspects of your entrepreneurial self.

As an experienced entrepreneur, business coach and mediator I support self-employed persons, freelancers and entrepreneurs in a lot of different ways, for instance:

  • coping with change and transformation be it big or small
  • dealing with conflicts and communication problems
  • as a neutral sparring partner helping you find solutions which work
  • with all topics related to intercultural personnel management
  • in helping you live a healthy life.


The clearer the path the more relaxing the journey.

Step by step we will clarify your current issues and find good and realistic solutions.

Ready to take the first step?
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