Counselling and coaching for families and couples

Every relationship experiences ups and downs. Topics that arise during family counselling can range from minor communication problems to major crises.

As a certified familylab counsellor I will be happy to help you find the best solutions for your current family issues. Every family has its own history and  discovering and developing areas for growth can be a valuable thing to do for all of its members. You will find a lot of enjoyable and useful audios and videos about family life by Jesper Juul and other experts here: 

Family Counselling can help, if

you find yourselves repeatedly arguing over the same issues

the daily rat race is too demanding and exhausting,

you are struggling to find the right balance between helicopter and uncaring parents,

major injuries have led to a conscious or unconscious breaking point in your family.

If separation or divorce seems the better path to take separation coaching can be a valuable help. With my experience as a mediator, I can assist you and your partner in finding common ground enabling you to maintain a mutually respectful relationship. This is particularly important when children are involved.

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