About me

As the child of a German mother and an Indonesian father, I have always thought of myself as a bridge between different worlds and world-views. I grew up speaking 3 languages, travelled lots from small on quickly learning to feel at home in different environments and cultures. The older I got the more I learned how helpful this background is in dealing with the challenges of life. As the proud mother of 2 daughters, I have also been lucky to experience the challenges as well as the rewards of juggling career and family.

After studying business administration, I went to work for Deutsche Bank. After 3 years, I left my job as a corporate banker and followed my dream to start and build up my own business. As the managing director of a successful business language school, I have since gained over 25 years of insights into all aspects of business management. With national and international clients, ranging from small- to mid-sized firms right up to global players, I have had lots of opportunity to make use of my expertise in business skills as well as people skills.

When I felt the need to explore new career paths a few years ago it seemed only natural to put helping other people at the center of my new job. As a coach it is important to me to treat my clients in a mindful and respectful way regardless of their age and origin.

I look forward to looking at your life and to developing plans for a positive future  with you.

  • 2 year formation as a coach (Wolf Büntig, Zist)
  • certified familylab family counsellor
  • Diploma in business administration (LMU Munich)
  • Certificate as a business mediator (chamber of industry and commerce)
  • State exam as a practitioner for psychotherapy
  • Grief and bereavement counselling
  • Stress reduction and relaxation trainer

  • Crisis intervention
  • Harvard Master Negotiation Class (Harvard University, Cambridge)
  • NLP Practitioner in London (Trainer: Dr. Richard Bandler)
  • Design Thinking
  • Certificate in cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Mindfulness (Trainer: Jon Kabat Zinn)

By the way: I work together with different specialists from various fields which I can refer you to depending on your needs.

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