Counseling and Coaching for couples

Every relationship experiences ups and downs. Topics that arise during counselling can range from minor communication problems to major crises. What was once generally known as marriage counselling has evolved into a much more complex field, as relationships have become more and more diverse.

Whilst the traditional model of husband and wife is still predominant in most parts of the world patchwork families, same sex couples as well as couples without a marriage license have become more and more common. But regardless of what kind of relationship you are in you are bound to run into problems once in a while. 

Counselling can help, if

you find yourselves repeatedly arguing over the same issues

you and your partner have a different set of priorities

emotional baggage from previous relationships brings problems into your current relationship

major injuries have led to a conscious or unconscious breaking point in your relationship

If separation or divorce seems unavoidable or the better path to take separation coaching can help. With my experience as a mediator, I can assist you and your partner in finding common ground, so that you can maintain a mutually respectful relationship. This is particularly important when children are involved.

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