Professional prospects: which career is right for me?

Making changes to your professional life often requires a lot of courage. Starting your own business can be full of risks but so is taking on a job with another employer, changing professions or simply starting in a new position with your current company. All of these can lead to anxieties. In emotionally challenging times such as these your private life quickly be put to the test by uncertainty and tension. In a worst case situation this can even result in burnout or a family crisis.

Professional job coaching can offer hands on support here and provide valuable guidance through the career jungle.  With many years of experience both as an employer as well as an employee I can show you different routes to take and assist you in finding a solution which works for you. Call upon me as your job coach if

you feel unhappy in your present job because you are over-strained or underchallenged

you want to start your own business and are looking for professional assistance

you want to return to work after a longer break  and would like help in finding the right job.

you are overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities open to you and are looking for clarity during the decision making process

you have been invited to an interview and would like to have an expert help you prepare

you are in need of a solution because of conflicts with colleagues or your boss

you are suffering from mobbing at work.

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